Patrons Award


The AMaGA Patrons Award welcomes entries from a diverse range of non-commercial collecting institutions across Australia, including but not limited to museums, galleries, libraries, archives, and historical societies. Nominations must be submitted by an organisation, association, or non-profit company, and not by individuals; however, individuals may be nominated for the Patrons Award.


Further eligibility clarification:

  • Commercial galleries, auction houses and publishing interests are not eligible.
  • Nominators must be current financial members of AMaGA.
  • Both members and non-members of AMaGA are eligible to be nominated.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated long-term commitment to the sector as a whole.


While the Patrons Award is open for nominations annually, please note that this is an occasional award that will be presented at the discretion of the AMaGA National Council.


The Patrons Award

 The AMaGA Patrons Award recognises individuals or organisations who have made significant contributions towards the work and advancement of museums and galleries. Patrons are understood as individuals or organisations that provide financial or other forms of support to cultural institutions, often making a substantial impact on the institution's ability to fulfill its mission.



Patrons Award Questionnaire 2024