Evaluation and Visitor Research

In order for cultural institutions to be of value to their communities we believe that an understanding of, and respect for, visitor needs and opinions are essential, and that visitors have the right to help shape the experiences provided for them.

The Evaluation and Visitor Research National Network (EVRNN) was established in 1996 to advocate for the visitor voice within cultural practice. The Network seeks to strengthen the understanding and practice of evaluation and visitor research throughout the sector to encourage and guarantee a strong visitor focus across all our work.


EVRNN members are dedicated to making the practice of evaluation and visitor research within their institutions rigorous and to promote the outcomes of their work across Australasian museums, galleries, zoos, botanic gardens, science centres, historic properties and other collecting agencies.


To achieve its aim the Network will:

Advocate for the visitor to be a joint partner in the development of cultural experiences.
Be an active professional forum through which theory, methodology and insights are shared and standards of practice established.
Position evaluation and visitor research as an essential museological practice.
Contribute to a National Research Agenda for evaluation and visitor research in cultural organisations.
Provide advocacy and advice at the National level.

Benefits of Membership

The EVRNN is a valuable, active professional network which provides you with:

Instant access to expert practitioners in the field of evaluation and visitor research to ask questions of and be provided with guidance.
A monthly e-newsletter highlighting current projects, updates from the field and other relevant pieces of information.
Opportunities to access bursaries to attend annual Museums and Galleries Australia conferences.
Masterclasses, forums and workshops for developing skills and knowledge.
Connecting members with other Networks (for example MEET – Museum Education, Evaluation and Technology conference sessions http://meetday.net/ ).
Information about, and support for, the annual Visitor Research Forum (run through University of Canberra / University of Queensland).


Dr Lynda Kelly, Convenor
Email: [email protected]

Other information

If you have any questions about joining this Network or AMaGA please contact the National Office at [email protected] or 02 6230 0346.

Please note that, in accordance with the AMaGA Constitution and By-Laws, all members of AMaGA National Networks must be current members of AMaGA. If you are not a member, you can still subscribe to our e-newsletter by sending an email to [email protected] with your contact details.

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